Saturday, February 18, 2006

Patchy. Patchy. Patchy.

Rant on.
What is the deal with companies who put out patches that ignore the *major* show stopper issues with their products. What are you on about, eh?
I have become a huge fan of the Star Wars themed Battlefront Series. Ok, not the best game ever made but really a hoot. And what I want now is to do some online action with Battlefront II, a product that addresses most of the design issues of the first product quite nicely. I have played both extensively (in single player mode), at least enough to know I prefer II over I, even if I do like the look of Phase one clones more.
To bad I can't play online. To bad the reason I can't play online is because the game locks hard every time a map ends and I end up shelling to the task bar and killing the task and logging in all over again. To bad it looks like every second owner of the product appears to see the same level of functionality.
Too bad.
See in the life cycle I figure you go through several distinct phases of support. Phase one of support is identification of and repair of major technological errors. Now there is a patch, and that patch does seem to have smoothed out the online play experience -when it's connected. But still no joy on the network dropping and having to kill the task and re-connect.

On the other hand, maybe I'm working to hard to get online in a game where I'm just going to get owned by kids less than half my age anyways...
Rant off.

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