Friday, March 24, 2006


From the GameGeek file...
Rarely does a game come along these days that is so great that it actually pulls me away from everything else. Even more rare is a game which appears to live up to all of the hype.
Oblivion, however appears to be quite a rare bird. I'm only about 3 hours in and already I'm hands down impressed with it. And the graphics are simply amazing, both for their quality and how well they run on my slightly older system. If you're on the fence on this one, don't wait - it's totally worth it.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

InterWeb Nightmare

From the "All I want is frikkin' sharks with frikkin' lasers on their heads! Is that too much to ask ?" file ...
All right, the revolution is at hand. I'm going to the telco's highspeed and TV. Why? It's half the price for the same (sort of) level of service. And it means every TV will have digital signal. Of course I don't own a digital TV.
My gMail address is now my primary eMail. My shaw address will be gone after the end of the month or so.

Take that giant cable megamonolith!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Danger, Wil Robinson! Danger!

From the WarGameGeek File...
Yesterday, the boy and I spent the day together. Erik and Rebecca were at the hospital all day so Erik could get 14 fillings ( which is almost 5 fillings for each year), so I spent the day with Zachary.

After eating at the Clown Burger joint (you know of whom I speak...) (no, that's not the danger, but it is a danger), we went over to the Mall and wandered around a bit. After stopping in at the ExpensiveJapaneseTVsOnly Store (to stare at the giant TVs), and making the requisite stop at the toy store to look at (look with your eyes, not with your hands) the Thomas the Tank Engine stuff, we went to the GamesWorkshop store.

I thought he would think all the painted figs were cool. I was right, and that is still not the danger part. No, now I want to paint again.

Let me bring you up to speed on this. I have a history of buying and storing up stuff to be painted (now, in this context, realize that paint means apply paint to pre-scuplted objects, not use liquid pigments creatively on canvases or walls). I have a *HUGE* (and in this context huge in the meaning of the word where we mean much bigger than it should ever possibly get) pile of boxes with stuff in it to paint. But that is not what it's all about.

No, what this is about is the acquiring of more stuff to paint. If I do that, I need to replenish my supplies, as by this time the only thing that is still of use will be my palette (best painter gift ever, thanks Kev!). So that's another 30 bucks. And then I need secure space to work in.

I think I need to do a garage to workshop conversion. Stupid van can sit outside.

Stupid Van.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Art Project

From the King of SciFi department:
All right, I was feeling particularly creative. That and Zachary and I are having a particular disagreement about the care and usage of Star Wars vehicles, so hanging them on the wall became an option (my option, not his). The real chore was hanging the Republic Gunship, which has to be the heaviest toy I've ever owned. Also the hugest. Also the bestest.
I'm still short one Jedi Starfighter in this shot, but I've picked one up at an almost reasonable price, soon to be added to the wall. I still need to fill in the seats, and I've realized how short of Jedi figures I am.
I guess now I need to start looking for classic ships, but honestly, these are cooler designs. The ARC-170 is almost the coolest ship I've ever seen.

A tie interceptor would be cool, though...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Sweet. Phat.

From the w00t! department...
I got some new loot for Larry. It looks sweet phat. The blue glow is awesome. I'm still not convinced about the 16 gaming keys, but I need something to replace my game commander, which is wearing out. Enter the Logitech G15. I wish there was a bit of support for the LCD display, but it has an SDK, so I may mess with it myself.

Apparently this will interface with Battlefront II to give you live stats. I would like to see that on all my shooters at least. And an interface with SFC is just screaming to be made.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Crazy new hobby

Alright, I'm going through an adjustment. And I never, ever thought this would be fun. Honest.

I'm buying and selling collectibles on eBay.

I know it's crazy. But I'm pulling ahead a bit. Not a mint, just a bit. Next stop, convention geek dealer. Oh, no, I've already stepped up and booked the table. I'm planing my merchandise layout. Plotting how to foil the five-fingered discounts.

Funny thing fun. You never know when it's going to strike.

Posting from an undisclosed location...

Alright, this is just a post to test the remote post function.
AND a note to all of you who have not played it.  If you haven't checked out Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (for PC, at least), get on it.  It bought it about a year ago and never got around to installing it, a certain online MMORPG having monopolized my time.  This game rocks.  It's exactly what I thought MGS2 was going to be.
Anything that distracts me from my alternate life online...