Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Art Project

From the King of SciFi department:
All right, I was feeling particularly creative. That and Zachary and I are having a particular disagreement about the care and usage of Star Wars vehicles, so hanging them on the wall became an option (my option, not his). The real chore was hanging the Republic Gunship, which has to be the heaviest toy I've ever owned. Also the hugest. Also the bestest.
I'm still short one Jedi Starfighter in this shot, but I've picked one up at an almost reasonable price, soon to be added to the wall. I still need to fill in the seats, and I've realized how short of Jedi figures I am.
I guess now I need to start looking for classic ships, but honestly, these are cooler designs. The ARC-170 is almost the coolest ship I've ever seen.

A tie interceptor would be cool, though...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What! You have ALL the jedi ships!! I am SOOOO behind...

you should have come to the toy show yesterday - I had a table even.

You should have asked me, the Master ship-hanger