Friday, April 21, 2006

Ah, that's life...

from the game geek file...
Sometimes I just want to hate something. Take this new Lara Croft game. I want to hate it. I want to be mortally offended that we're still allowing the game industry to portray women like comic book heros. I want to not like the game play.

But I can't. It plays too slick.

Now admittedly, it's a short game, apparently. Which is something I have a major bone of contention with. Unless you're going to knock the price way down, anything under 40 hours of game play is expensive for a game. Especially here in Canada where I'm already paying a premium for still being able to call them french fries.

I don't think that's going to stop me though. MAYBE I can wait until I can get it used. I still need to pick up F.E.A.R., and I haven't tried any of the Battlefield games yet.


And maybe we'll find out crack cocaine is good for you. Is there somebody who can sponsor me to a Gamers Anonymous meeting? Aw, I would never make it past step 2 anyways.

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