Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Post apocalyptica

Tired. Like 'weight of Atlas' tired. But it was a good weekend.
Success goal 1: set up table BEFORE room opens - achieved.
Success goal 2: sell something - achieved.
Success goal 3: have people actually calling me Mr. Poody - achieved.
Success goal 4: have people I don't know ask me for a "Friend of Mr. Poody" sticker - missed.
Success goal 5: pay costs of table - achieved.
Success goal 6: Pay cost of product for table - missed (note to self - at least break even pricing next time!)
Success goal 7: Have good time - achieved.

So, I'm approaching 80%. That's good for my first effort. Un-looked for successes include being dubbed the unofficial "King of Lego" and getting to listen to Robert J. Sawyer shop for used books.

I have shots of most of the people and their booths for a series I'm going to do on the show. More later. Oh as a side note: regardless of the fact that your wife paid the money for charity, drinking a shooter from an atractive woman's bra, while said woman is still in it == BAD IDEA.

Yes, it should have been obvious to me too.

1 comment:

David said...

did this happen on Sunday, afterwards at the "dead dog" party? The wife points out that this would have been your anniversary so she have expected your wife to not be impressed.