Monday, July 17, 2006


Sometimes it's all about validation. I'm not a huge blogger (I mean that figuratively). What I'm really looking for is gratification. I want people who I don't know to read stuff I wrote and say to them selves "Ya. What he said."

I suppose this would be some what similar to the feelings of the author character in Camus' 'The Plague'. I'm waiting for my "Hat's off, gentlemen." On the other hand, I have always had an overdeveloped sense of personal grandeur.

One of the issues is this format. I get very little feed back from all but the most motivated of readers. This is unfortunate, as it results in one of two feelings. Either I simply don't care if no one pays attention, which is dangerous, or it stuns me into apathy about writing, because I know nobody is reading.

I think I need to write. I'm neutral (or trying to be) about my level of talent, but I would describe it as a need. Ah well, it's good practice. I think.

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