Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Larry is a big, dumb, jerk.

I think I've got the wireless working (in spite of Windows XP). The crashing on playing of DVDs (or anything off of the DVD drive, really) may be related to bad USB drives, or Larry's bad USB. Hard to tell. I'm beginning to think this all really started about the time I installed the G15 keyboard.

Stupid Larry.

Summer Lanfest '06 was a hit. We played an uncountable amount of Battlefield - which r0x0rs with more than one person in the room. We played one round of Empire Earth, loosing side on me, thanks. At least they didn't give us gifts from the heavens. Well, it never got that far.

1 comment:

David said...

Well, I think the Bombards almost count as gifts from the heavens. Next time we'll have to try the 3 on me and a computer or two.

And hey, you got your revenge. Rackin' Frackin' Varmit Helicopters...