Monday, August 14, 2006

Mr. Slacky

Jeeze. I would set a reminder in my google calendar, if I did not think I would ignore it.

Update 1: Quest for Bill.

At a time when finances have reached an all time low (how can tuition for pre-school be THAT much), I am on a quest to come up with financing for a trip to Valley Con. Why? Because William Shatner is going to be there. I have to be, too.

Some of you will remember that up until now, the high point of my fandom participation was meeting Mark Hamill , who was super cool (and, it turns out also a big sci-fi geek). But this is an order of magnitude more important.

And I'm broke. I don't know how one makes the kind of money required to not be broke, but I am beginning to suspect that legality is an issue...

Update 2: Lanfest fast approaches

The only down side here is that I'm down to four participants. That's not really bad, but I would prefer six or 8. Meh. Battlefield 2 is still going to roxor.


Anonymous said...

It's not how much you make, it's how much you spend.

A family budget is a good thing. Money can be put aside each month for hobbies, including trips to see William Shatner.

Good luck.

David said...

Yes, how are the upgrades to Larry and the new PSP working out for you?

Ah meeting Mark, that was a good story.

David said...

Hearing round-a-bout that Valleycon is a go for you - but poss not the family.

Are you bringing tubs to tie to the roof of the car with you or will you buy them down there?