Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I've been back in the land of Azeroth lately (well when not getting my butt shot off, that is). The new twist is I'm playing on a Player vs. Player server. What this means is the real bad guys (that would be other players who have alter egos who are in the faction which happens to be opposed to mine) can choose to seek out confrontations with alter egos from my faction in designated dangerous areas.

Previously to this I had been playing on a Player vs. Environment server. On these servers my character can only be attacked by the opposing faction if I choose to be in player vs. player mode. On this new server, entering the contested area flips the flag automatically. Fortunately going back to an aligned area flips it back after a set amount of time. That's all good, until you accidentally forget the flag is set, while standing at a goblin traveling sales man.

Yup. I got Samurai Jacked by an orc.

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