Saturday, September 09, 2006


Ack. Well, it was shaping up. I have a small stack of the Star Wars mini's, and I acquired a few more. I want to build a skirmish level game around 35mm scale SciFi. I'll get back to it again. Maybe a solo game? I dunno yet.

I spent most of my design time this week chasing a World of Warcraft role playing game. Now to be ranked among my most disappointing purchases of the year. Maybe even longer. The World of Warcraft RPG is barely more than D&D 3.5 with pictures from WoW. Most disappointing for a project that could have been so much more. There is such a whole huge bin of really cool world there, and they totally wasted it.

I'll just build my own. Except that that's a MAJOR chore, for very little return.

See it's a solo game, based on the Space Hulk map tiles. You put pictures of the tiles on playing cards and shuffle a deck. Then you deal out a map. Your squad or hero has to get from one end to the other. Add a random timer and a flow chart for baddies and -boom- your rockin'.

Yes, I deliberately mashed those two thoughts together. That's just how I think sometimes.

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