Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I have three entirely unrelated updates. On the tooth front, Erik has now had a clean checkup. We still have no explanation for the 14 caret anomaly. I figure it's his overly saccharine personality.

On the D and D front, classic Dungeons and Dragons rocks. I haven't had so much fun as a GM in years. Like never before, I am firmly sold on simple rules and complex play. Of course, it is very much about the group, and so far I have a very enthusiastic, fab group.

On the MMORPG front, Auto Assault still roxors. I'm really starting to get the hang of my class. I'm not sure when the trial ends, but boy am I going to go into withdrawal.


David said...

I blame the lasagne

dkwd said...

So, if you had split these into 3 seperate posts, you could ahve had more content.

just saying is all