Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Invitation to join NHL Bloggers

No, really, that's what the email said.

Now, nobody is more pleased than me to have achieved my first milestone, having been invited into a blogosphere. Of course, it would be more gratifying if it were more than a random invite.

I have to think that at some point I must have mentioned hockey somewhere here. Can't imagine where though. Perhaps in relation to World of Warcraft (37 days clean and sober) somewhere? Or perhaps a card game?

More likely in order to further their imperialist designs, the management has released their email list. Of course I could write a hockey blog.

I could focus on things like "What to do if you get hit with a small slug of frozen rubber in the knee" and "If they're always talking about icing, where's the cake". OK, maybe not.

Play Company of Heroes. Or 2142. Or Dark Crusade. Or DEF CON.

I think I'll respond to the email. Something pithy like "Does it bother you that I don't *actually* know how to skate?"

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