Monday, January 29, 2007

Dateline: Evansfalls, 23rd Protectorate

The Presidential Secretary of Foreign Relations issued a stern warning this evening to the Combine government. Southern Alliance early warning stations were placed on high alert after a high speed over-flight by Combine fighter craft. The over flight resulted in the immediate activation of both automated and manned defence systems, and forced literally thousands of Combine Armed Forces personnel to man their posts.

Secretary Ulbrecht stated in her press release that the Alliance Government, and President Reynaud, consider all such incursions into Alliance air space as "extremely serious" and "destabilizing". "This sort of action is both reckless and de-stabilizing. We are uncertain as to the intent of the flight, but guarantee that we will be watching activity across the border in the 23rd Protectorate more closely." she stated.

President Reynaud was unavailable for comment.

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