Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Eye Strain

I just spent a crazy evening squeezing stuff into the black hole known as my brain. But before I get into that - High school Quest Update!

(Or, if this was WoW, you would be looking at ? ) He actually got back to me. That's kind of a first in years. Not sure what I'll do next year. Meh. (I mean "bah-duhm" level up.)

But back to the front. I just spent my whole evening learning stuff about Blender 3d. Which is more learning in my free time than I've done in a very,very long time.

Blender is a gnu public license 3d modeler/rendering animator. It's supposedly on the order of 3dMax or Lightwave, but free. It's certainly super powerful, and it is free. It also seems very stable, and has a TINY 8 Mb download. And it's free. I'm not used to thinking in an X shell format at home, but it sure is cool how easy it was to model simple stuff. Well, OK, nothing I would actually let see the light of day, but soon, maybe. Did I mention it was free?

Now if I could just distract the kids long enough to get some practice in...

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