Friday, January 26, 2007

More Classics

Ultima IV.

Oh ya.

I actually have a bit of a hard time playing on the dos box, of course, because I originally played this on my Commodore 64. Like most fans I started with III. It was harder. I must have created about 4 bajillion parties. Who kept getting wiped by skeletons and orcs. And pirates. And giant snakes. And the town guards after I *accidentally* grabbed that chest in town.
But U4 was a who new ball game. The character actually reflected me. I had a book (two really) and a cloth map. And an Ankh. I don't even know what an Ankh is, but it looks cool and powerful. Must be. It came in the box.

And RUNES! Runes rock! Now I can write secret messages to myself that my sister can't read. Because I need to send important messages to myself that my sister can't read (stop asking dumb questions or you're out of the club)!

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