Monday, January 15, 2007

The Ole' High School Quest

Sometimes, I get bored.

About ten years ago I kicked of a sort of tradition. About once a year, I spend an evening poking around the inter-tubes looking for people I knew in high school.

Now before I go to much further, understand, I have no fondness for high school. The best day of my high school career was the day after I graduated. University rocked like Van Halen (uh, Chuck Berry if you're a lot older, and I'll be damned if I know what those kids nowadays listen to. Is that music?). High school just sucked rocks.

I usually run the effect down inside of an hour or two. But this year I got a hit on a guy I used to hang out with. I figured he had to have an email, as I can't imagine one of my C64 buddies not being on the inter nets. I'll keep you posted, assuming there is anything to post.

Oh and that serial thing - skip it. I got bored. Amazing how much that plays in my life.

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