Wednesday, February 14, 2007

LAN Fest '07.1 - Revisited

Networking Cables - $12CDN for 25 ft

10/100 8 Port Ethernet Switch - $40CDN

Larry - $4500CDN

Watching David get pasted repeatedly by heavy disruptors - Priceless

LAN Gaming, it's the little things.

That and killing in the neighborhood of 3 PCs in the process. It is way too cold outside to move this equipment. Next one will be in June. Where of course it will be so warm that being locked in a room full of yelling combatants with 1 million joule producing heaters will be, in a word, "sticky".

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David Badilotti said...

I'll paste you with Heavy Disrupters. Would have been different if I hadn't been in the equivalent of every other race's light cruiser. Stupid freaking Fed DN. The only hope for that ship is having the scriptwriters on your side. And they'd probably have to violate continuity...