Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Italian Cola

A friend of mine, Chris, who lives in Maine (Bangor actually. Yes they have tea with Steven all the time. Yes, that was sarcasm.) sent a care package of decidedly "Maine" stuff to my family over Christmas this year. I had put the whole incident out of my mind until asked about one particular item included in the package, a bottle of "Moxie", which looks to be a cola. Well, it's dark like cola.

When asked about my experience with Moxie, I was reminded of Italian Cola. I replied with this message by email. I decided to share. I should like to point out first though that I have nothing but respect for Italians and people from Maine. I do not mean to disparage either community. However, sometimes it is important to remember your strengths.

Way back in the day, David Badilotti and I had a bit of a tradition going on where whenever we went shopping together we would buy and try a funky drink. Among the highlights were WoopAss cola (blech), Arizona Green Tea (yum) and something called simply Italian Cola.

The highlight of Italian Cola is that it features quinine, which of course is critical in the prevention of malaria. It also tastes like medicine. And not that good medicine you look forward to when you have a cough, even though it's not going to help. Italian Cola makes Buckley's Cough Mixture seem tame by comparison (which I find is mostly related to how you feel about pine). It turns out that if you want great calzone, go Italian. Pasta, go Italian. Cola - stick with Pepsi or Coke (as you prefer it).

Italian Cola was the last time David and I played the funky drink game. We sometimes still use the words "Italian Cola Incident" to taunt each other.

Moxie reminds me of Italian Cola. Gone bad. Not in a good way.

As always I appreciate you giving me an opportunity to broaden my horizons. Please never send me any more Moxie. Ever. Please.


Well, I thought it was funny.

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