Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not My 100th Post

But I was looking over the history, and I was surprised to realize, I've only been blogging for a year. That's an average of 1 post every 4 days (+/- 1 day, accurate 1 time out of 2). Some of it, has been, well, good.

And some of it has been rules mumbo jumbo. Par for the course I figure. If your wondering, yes sometimes I actually talk like that. I can tell when I've been talking like that to people by the mystified (and, honestly slightly revolted) look they get. Assuming they don't just wander off while I'm mid sentence.

I'm hoping it has helped me to expand my creative horizons. In game design, if I have a weak suit it is in the story telling. I'm reasonably competent at hacking together a coherent set of instructions, but I don't really write stories. Much. But I'm getting there.

There being far from here. And I'm walking.


dkwd said...

Of course, considering that you double posted on 13 days, the longest between posts is actually a bit more.
Mar 24 to April 12 being the longest MrPoodySpeaks-less period.

jsia - just saying is all.


JP said...

And I counter your factoid with one even more meaningless.

I almost never use the same Label twice. That's the one at the bottom of the post used for aggregating them by theme.

I said almost never, not never ever.

Nice to have my own, personal statistician.