Friday, March 16, 2007

Old. Again.

Amy (I'm using the most conventional spelling - if you met Amy you might guess Aimee or aMe or some unusual spelling. She looks the type.), my coffee barista, has never heard of M.A.S.H. Well, not to say never as in never ever, but she thinks her mom used to watch it.


This all came about of course because of B.J.

Amy - "So does J.P. mean something?"

J.P. No not really, he just shows up for work in this rote kind of fashion, buying coffee on the basis of an arcane schedule, and passing the time until he can play video games again, or maybe chase his kids around. - "Yes. Jean-Paul."

Amy - "Oh, John Paul."

J.P. - "No, no. JEAN-Paul, the french way. It's not like B.J."

Amy - slightly confused look - "B.J. ?"

J.P. - "Yeah, you know B.J. on M.A.S.H."

Amy - "Mash? Oh, I think my mom used to watch that."

J.P. - "Your mum." eyes narrowing slightly

Amy - "Yeah. No, wait, I'm not trying to say you're old as my mom..."

Of course you're not, Amee. Of course your not.


dkwd said...

Second quarter century.

Accept it.


Anathema Heterodox said...

Yes, but what if in fact you ARE Amy's mom?
Then you would be the same age exactly!

Think about it. *blink*