Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Aw. Crud.

Well, I started my page revamp (you may have noticed).

I blew away the motd code. I'm sure I don't have a backup. Ironic.

Intertubes. Must be full.

Enjoy art:


Anathema Heterodox said...

Well, I suppose I feel ok I am starting to read your blog just as you start to revamp it.
But should I only read your blogs going forward, so as to keep the continuity of the new template?
Or do I go back read the old blogs posts, and think about the glory days of how the template used to look?
Decisions, decisions.
But, while I decide, I will make a shameless plug for my blog. Fairly new, and always anonymous, it will offer you nothing to make your life better... but all the pie is free!



ps - it's not my motorcycle, please don't shoot me.

JP said...

Naw - go all the way back. Avoid anything that says World of Warcraft in the title, and it should be all good.