Monday, April 16, 2007

Cold V9.6.5

Or something. I hate being sick. Somehow I suspect I'm not entirely alone in this.

Productivity is in the toilet and I'm dragging my self into work just to avoid sleeping all day (which usually makes me feel worse, contrary to popular wisdom).

Someday I will fix the Diablo Message of the Day. Fix is a bit of misdirection in this case, as the bulk of the code was embedded in the template (bad me!) which got wiped when I changed it. Meh. This time I need to remember to copy it to a file someplace.

Art for MoMdotNet has stopped for the moment, mostly because I can't draw when I can't see through watery eyes. Good news is, based on what I was doing last week, I think I can draw horses that will at least be up to the level of the unit art.

If you're a Blender person (the 3d tool, not the kitchen appliance), check out makehuman. This is a project still in alpha, I think, but basically it's a person modeler. You can use it to create fairly complicated humans, the export the figures as .objs, which can then be brought into Blender and finished for use.

Stuff to do: figure out how to reduce the number of polygons. I'm sure this mesh is way to complicated for use in a game.


David Badilotti said...

Trade you. Your cold for my kidney stones.

JP said...

No, really, thats ok.

You see, uhh "We already gots one!"

(I told 'im we already gots one!)