Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dustballs and Mutants

I'm must actually really like Auto Assault. I'm certainly semi-obsessed with the theme. Mutants, cyborgs, cars with missile launchers.

I can't remember how playable Carwars was, but I'm very tempted to seek out a copy of it and inflict it on my regular P&P victims. I wonder if there's a GURPS post-apocalypta?

I listened to Steve Jackson's "State of the Company" podcast recently. The good news is that SJ Games is rolling on. Munchkin has put them way over, and they are in serious jeopardy of making money. Assuming they can keep enough copies of Munchkin printed. The down side of this is that keeping Munchkin in print requires that all new development be effectively shoved to the side. That doesn't make me feel good about gaming as a whole.

He also mentioned that Eagle Games, who produced the board game adaptation of Sid Meier's Civilization, closed their doors. This is bad for me, because it means my supply of super fancy cheap figs just dried up. I guess that could be why they closed the doors.

Car flying.
Bullets screaming.
Cybers dying.


dkwd said...

In an interesting coincidence, the 3 Div 5 sets showed up at my house on Monday. I'm looking to set up an Amatuer night event sometime relatively soon.


David Badilotti said...

Gah! That means I really need to go buy my own set before I have to pay you know who an exhorbitant amount for one.