Monday, September 17, 2007

Passing into the Fourth Age

And Larry goes on the road. Now fully replaced by the penultimate gaming rig "DD". Bioshock rocks. No doubt in my mind. Certainly best game I've played this year (new this year, that is). Possibly in my top ten. It's simply gorgeous to look at and the game play is very well done. Bioshock is very much a "System Shock" game. I will not be surprised to find that Andrew Ryan is a time traveling Shodan.

But, this does not come at no cost. The former Mk. VIII is now broken out into a pile of bits, soon to be sold piecemeal. It's like a post cold war Russian military base, everything must go.

I now need to spend some time updating all of my utilities. I notice that Nero fails to take advantage of my multi-core goodness, and therefore takes only slightly less time to encode a DVD. That's a bit disappointing. Vista is still out. From a gaming perspective, it's too much waste. I did not spend the better part of 2k on parts just to give 20% of my processing horse power back to the OS. I suspect that will change as drivers reach maturity, but until then HALO can wait.

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David Badilotti said...

So, have you started really playing the game, or are you still stopping and just looking at stuff with your jaw on your lap? :-D