Monday, October 15, 2007

Last Days of PC Gaming

I don't mean on a big scale, I mean in my house. I'm guessing a certain amount of this is novelty. And some of it is certainly ease of use.

But my PC's been unplugged for two days and I didn't even notice. Have you seen the demo of Conan? Ok it may end up being God of War for the 360, but how bad is that. I actually spent about 4 hours playing a puzzle game. A puzzle game.

And suddenly the whole driver, windows, cd-key thing just looks like so much hassle. Guess I shouldn't have spent all that money then. If you all could just avoid mentioning it, that would be great.


David Badilotti said...

Sigh... Another real gamer bites the dust.

Oh well, now you can give me DD!

It's all good.

Give me the quad core and your wife need know nothing...

Wayne said...

reasons you wont quit PC gaming...

1) you get sick of not having a keyboard and mouse and move back to the PC

2) Warcrack

3) The bazillion dollars you spent on your PC

4) Non arcade Flight sims

5) Did I already say FPS?

6) RTS


.... now you are at my desk... so I'll stop commenting.