Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My 32nd Cut

I keep going back to this one idea. I think it should be a great game. My wheels hit the ground spinning. I play out the inertia. I run out of gas.

Is it possible that the idea itself is fundamentally flawed? Is it ok to design games you know no one will ever get to play? Is that as crazy as it sounds?

Self doubt is a necessary evil.


David Badilotti said...

There is nothing wrong with striving for perfection. And there's nothing wrong with tinkering because you enjoy tinkering.

And if nothing else, the gang will play it. Once. Until you change it again.

David said...

It is certainly valid to design games that you know no one will play. It can be a great exercise to develop various functions of a game that can be recycled in other games you design.
It can also spark inspiration along other paths. As a game designer, sometimes you need to devote some work towards a game to truly discover how unwieldy it is.

Plus it can help to clear a game out of your system.

David Badilotti said...

Umm.. Clear a game out of his system? This is Mr. Poody we're talking about.

JP said...

"He speaks the truth..."

Wayne said...

The trick is.... finish it. Maybe using a version system of some sort. But in the end the trick is to finish it no matter what you think other people will think about it.

Now that being said... I really gotta take my own advice. lol.