Thursday, October 11, 2007

XBox 360 FTW

I am now the proud owner of a brand new XBox 360. It is very shwanky. Of course, it has also generated it's first sleepless night.

To Do:
Move TV - I put the TV a bit high on the wall, seemed a good idea at the time. It's too high. Needs to come down about 6 inches. I think we're going to re-arrange anyways, though.

Get DVI/HDMI - my TV only supports 1080i over componant. I need HDMI to go 1080p.

Get Live Gold account - I have to admit one of the real draws of the 360 is the Live Arcade. I need some of that, I mean Carcassone and Settlers!

(pwn those n00bs with the uber l33t hax...)


David said...

You could always scooch the couch forward a few inches and sit on the back while you play. In the interm anyways.



David Badilotti said...

So, is it better with the TV lower? And has your wife forgiven me yet?

JP said...

It is better with the tv lower. Except for the whole "children touching the TV" thing. Yes, that's why it was up so high.

David Badilotti said...

I don't mean to say I told you so.


That's exactly what I mean to say!