Thursday, November 22, 2007

Team Fortress 2

If I had any doubt what so ever about what a shooter is supposed to be like, thats it. Valve have really done an awesome job of it. The only real complaint I have after about 3 hours is an old refrain - more maps. There's only about one of each style of map so far. I'm sure the community is all over it already.

Maybe it's time to tap my mad level makin' skillz.

I am absolutely in love with the cool way they made classes. And as much as I thought the heavy was going to always be the way, it turns out my rocket skills are much superior. I think I mostly played the soldier. And I really don't get the spy. So like, you're not supposed to shoot things? I don't get that. But some people do. That whole knifey-ducky thing.

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