Thursday, December 13, 2007

A StarCraft MMO

How much of the market can Bliz control? How much more market can there be? I'm the wrong guy to even guess, but the rumor is gathering steam.

Does this mean that Diablo III, for lack of a better term, is never going to appear? Did I mention I really need something in the ACRPG (Action Computer Role Playing Game) genre? Not that I don't think a Star Craft MMO would be cool. Actually, I don't. In a bit of an ironic twist, I've never really been all that fond of Star Craft. There are two actual reasons.

The first is, Star Craft, much more than War Craft, is a pale shadow of it's 40k ancestor. Dawn of War really nails it. I would be much more interested in a Dawn of War epic scale game with ships than in Star Craft 2. Now that I have Dawn of War, and especially Dark Crusade, I can't go back. The second is the Kerrington plot. I never liked the human/zerg hybrid idea. I thought it cheeped out on the zerg. The Tyranids are a giant hive mind. They're stealing your genes. They're making new tyranid bio forms. They're not interested in your puny human intelligence.


Geef said...

A Starcraft MMO would make me hot in my pants.

JP said...

You should really get that looked at.

Wayne said...

A Starcraft MMO would probably be the only thing that would have the slightest chance at de-throning WoW. But I really dont care anymore because the whole MMO idea for me is dead. MMOs are generally a great big waste of life. If you spend more than 20 hours a week on one single game you probably have a problem. Trust me, I know people with problems like this. It doesnt add anything constructive to society. In fact, Blizzard is looking more and more like Big Tobacco to me. If I had a kid, I'd rather have the kid smoke than play an MMO religiously. Sure he/she would die young but at least they would have contributed to mankind by doing something else with their time (when they are not smoking of course). That's right! I went there!! WoW is worse than smoking. If you smoke AND play WoW, you should probably just shoot yourself now.

Okay enough of the rant.. kids.... dont smoke and dont play WoW, oh and dont do drugs.

Geef said...

That's quite a rant. I'd argue your points, but I have to log in to WoW and grind some rep. (That's a joke) And I'm super lazy. (That is more accurate)

JP said...

I verify the lazy part. ;)