Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Armageddon Empires

Look, just go here, download the demo and play it.

How'd that go?

Some notes I would like to share with you.

1) Looks like this guy's pretty much a one man band. Except the actual art. I sympathize.

2) Armageddon Empires is almost exactly the concept I had plotted for Ancient Empires. The big differences would have been one communal deck of cards for all players and it hadn't occurred to me how much better it would be as presented on the PC.

And it's not even written in C...

After you've played the 30 round demo about 8 times, go buy the guy's game. He deserves it.


Geef said...

I couldn't wade through the manual just to play a demo. If a demo won't tell me how to play, I ain't going to read a book. That's just me.

Going to try Sins of a Solar Empire though.

JP said...

Yes, that's valid. And the game is obtuse at first. And I have to say the glow wore off the first time I ran out of "cards" in my "deck". As a strategy gamer, that doesn't feel right. If I can make Mk.1 Robots at the start of the game, it doesn't make sense to me that an arbitrary mechanic means I can't any more. But, as a game written, designed and published by a pretty much 1 man show, I think Kudos are in order. You don't get that anymore in games.