Sunday, February 03, 2008


If you like Half Life, valve and web comics you should really spend a day reading Concerned: A humor comic based on the world of Half-Life 2. The comic has finished it's story line, which does not include the more recent Ep1 and Ep2 extensions. It's fairly consistent in its humor, and the composition is out standing. This kind of work is what motivates me to try and make web-comics. Not that I've actually gotten around to making a web comic. It's on my list.

Stop bugging me.

Did I mention that HL2 may be the only shooter I've played through 4 times. Yup. On at least 3 different machines. And I've actually got a taste to do it again. I am totally hot for what the guys at Black Mesa are doing though, which would be hawsome if they can pull it together.

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