Friday, March 28, 2008

Roadwar Part 2

I have the first sketch of the rules to about 35%. I'm trying to decide how big a player should get. should a gang be like a character, or like an army. The biggest thing there being should one player have one token on the board or several, and how much record keeping should there be.

The map is actually starting to take form. I am reverse engineering society, so I have a lot of stuff to remove.

I'm trying to decide on a doomsday scenario. Is the world in this state because of a pandemic? NBC warfare? Alien invasion? I may put a poll up to see what folks think. Look for it.


David Badilotti said...

Doomsday? The next OS release from MS!

David said...

How about from Y2K? - as if the fears were actually justified. You know, make it actually 'good' for something after all.

Otherwise, a pandemic is always nice - like avian flu.


David said...

Then you could always call it ROADWAR Y2K