Thursday, March 06, 2008

Zero Punctu...

Normally I would post the newest edition of ZP here. Today however, I find myself confused and wracked with guilt. This very much resembles dating in high school for me and is somewhat uncomfortable.

My confusion comes from this. Below each post are the words:

To embed this video on your blog, please click the MENU button at the bottom of the player, and select the GRAB THE CODE option.

For information on submitting your game for review, or if you want to insult our mothers, please contact

Please note that any reproduction of Zero Punctuation without the express written consent of The Escapist is expressly forbidden.

Right? Ok, so we're on the same page, I'll explain it (I also feel my posts have been too short and must attempt to torture both of us by dragging them on a bit more). The first line gives you the instructions on how to put a copy of the video on your blog. And even though this really isn't a blog anymore, it's on blogger so I figure it still qualifies.

The second line I usually ignore. It's not all that confusing for me because I don't have any games I've made that would be eligible for review and I have no basis on which to insult anyone there's mother. And insulting people moms is really not my style. Usually.

And then the third line says "Don't you bloody dare make copies of this!" Did you just hear the record scratching sound?

Let me work this out again (they told me I should tell you things three times in college). Here's how to make a copy of this for your own sad sack corner of the intertubes. We'll sick nasty ninja assassins on you if you do. Did I miss a meeting?

Anyways, there is a new "Devil May Cry 4" related Zero Punctuation over at The Escapist. Go watch it there. The advertisers will no doubt adore you if you do, and I won't see any ninjas. Today. Yet.

This post is yet another shameless attempt by the author to buy some cool. You can look forward to further such posts on Thursdays. You may be interested in the Iron Man or Star Trek trailers if you liked this post. If you vote "Nay" please feel free to do so in the comments.

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