Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I've been quiet for a while. Let's just leave it at I've had nothing I wanted to comment about. Well nothing that lit a fire under me.

But 10? Two games have come out in the first half of this year that have attained this lofty number. The first is GTA:IV. The second is Metal Gear Solid 4. Neither of them is Bioshock. Tom Chick wrote a really great review of MGS4 for Crispy Gamer.

If you're a Metal Gear Solid fan, this review is not for you. Frankly, you don't need a review. Metal Gear Solid 4 is between you, Hideo Kojima and whatever bond the two of you have formed over the last 20 years of Metal Gear games. I might as well come to your house, root around in your shoebox of old love letters, and comment on their grammar, punctuation, imagery and literary merit.

Instead, this review is for everyone else. It's partly for those who, like me, dabbled in the previous games. It's mostly for those who might have had their interest piqued by the marketing or who fell for the "tactical espionage action" tagline on the box (only one of the three is true, and only occasionally). For you, I cannot stress enough that this is a terrible, terrible game.

Read it, and then understand why my vote is for more editorial reviews like this and "Zero Punctuation".

And for heavens sake, play Bioshock already. It's honestly almost a 10. Except for that shader 3 thing.

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