Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hellgate Spiral

This looks grim.

OK, I don't have a subscription, so at least I didn't pay to play, but I have to admit, David and I have spent some serious "LAN" time on Hellgate. Serious.

Good news is, the single player game should still run. Bad news is, I have no reason to believe I'll ever be running a multi-player game of it again.

And David just discovered one of the coolest easter eggs ever.

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Flagshipped.com said...

Finally, a response from Flagship Studios! Limited details are provided, but at least it's something. I'm just glad to hear any kind of a response. Though it does seem changes are on the way for "all" that subscriber content. If FSS does end up, long-term, continuing to provide/own Hellgate, it's just a waiting game to see what changes are made with the profit model.

While the announcements from HanabitSoft, couple days ago, flat out says, they're going to be making their own content for Hellgate / own the IP. Which may or may not have something directly due to all the layoffs at FSS. What would be really nice, and possibly even win/win for anyone, is if FSS and HanabitSoft both retained (or gained) rights to the point of each being able to take the game in different directions and actually so. Could only be a lesser chance of if two very different flavors of HGL came out. Hellgate: London Asia and Hellgate: London (FSS). Would be fitting what with HGL being the bastard son of a Roguelike.