Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Printing Woes

Ai. Or auugh. You pick. I had no idea that one of the biggest hurdles in creating a game publisher would be finding a print shop willing to do the work. I want to clarify, so that you have it clearly, and it is clear. I'm not having trouble finding a print shop that I can afford, I'm having trouble finding a printshop willing to take my money.

I know, crazy. So you know, if at anytime you want to give me money, I will do everything I can to take it from you. Just let me know.

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David said...

The problem you may be encountering is that the larger printing companies have their regular customers who place orders all teh time. Unless you are getting huge volumes printed, you will be slotted in when they have time.
The smaller companies will print your items in smaller runs - but are often so backed up that you may have to wait while they work through the other small runs.