Monday, January 04, 2010

Windows 7

Hey, I'm OK with it. I now have Win 7 on all three of my home platforms. And even on Larry it runs quite well. It's much less of a pain than Vista was. The 3 weeks I had Vista on my tablet were excruciating. It's much better than Vista.

I'm not convinced it's better than XP. I used XP for a long time, and was very comfortable with the admin side of it. Some of this is new and moved and changed on 7, but so far not in show stopping ways.

I recommend Windows 7, even for XP users who are thinking about Macs. Come on? You really want to be forced to live with a guy who wears a black turtle neck?

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Anonymous said...

My brother got an iPod Touch for Xmas, so i had to install it's software on XP to get it to work. From the start, nothing but user-friendly issues and interruptions to the network connection. I was so ticked, i swore i'd never give Mac so much as a sideway glance unless i was thinking of posting a burn on one of their forums. I resolved a lot of problems before i left my parents for the holidays, but it was still being a royal pain when i left. Lousy apple software!!
I hear ya, M.P.!