Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slow Dev Curve

So I have about 4 designs up in the air right now. 1 is real close to final - which for us means ready to proof - i.e. we print all the stuff and look at it to see if any of it looks silly.

Time management has never been one of my strong suits.

On the list:

Galactic Adventures (almost final title we think)
which is set in the PGE environment. Each player is a starship captain for one of four powers. Complete missions, earn prestige, get a bigger ship, rub it in the noses of your fellow captains.

Colony (working title)
which is also a PGE universe game. This one is about taking on the role of a colony founder, and building your claim up.

And two others which are in the idea cloud stage, so not worth mentioning. Sometimes stuff makes it out of the cloud. Sometimes it's only got enough endurance for a bits sheet done in Corel.

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