Friday, November 26, 2010


You know I haven't written anything for a long time. I'd like to think thats because I didn't have anything important to say, rather than just being a slacker. Truth is, I've probably been spending all my creative juice on designing Galactic Adventures.


Do you have a Steam account? Why not? Even if you don't have a Steam account, do you like 40k? I was made very happy by my Steam account.

Because in 2011, Space Marine is not just a console shooter.*

It's on PC. And it's available from Steam.

Now, Steam and Relic and 40k are not a natural hit. Really good odds yes, but not a shoe in. On the other hand, Destroy All Humans fairly rocked - the first one at least. THQ has done a very good job of adapting 40k to RTS in both Dawn of Wars.

I know its a long way off, and I haven't seen any game play footage.

But thats an Astartes Heavy Bolter.

Look it up.

*I feared this greatly, following my disappointment that Rockstar was not making a version of Red Dead Redemption for the PC, and noting that the first trailer I saw made no mention of PC on the tail end. The new trailer on Steam clearly has a PC/DVD ROM logo on it.

Bless your weapons.

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Wayne said...

About time you get of your @ss and post. Oh and good to hear about the Red Dead Redemption... no Mac logo though eh?