Saturday, June 02, 2012

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Really. I've been on a super car kick again. Watching hours of Top Gear UK will do that to me.

So I thought "Hey. I bought that on Steam for sale a ways back. Bet there's an Aston DB9 in there ". Which is as close as I've gotten to it. The game I mean.

It seems that Atari ( that would be the new Atari not the old, bankrupt one) are having server issues. The game desperately wants to download content, but the servers aren't having any.

In this day and age. Shoddy. It's rubbish.

Updated - 2012-07-28

It took about a week and a half to get this down.  Not sure if that's changed since, but now that I have it it's running quite well on Larry.  The boy is interested in it, so I'll see if the twin 8800's in Hank can handle it.  It's not the most realistic game, but it's way better that Need For Speed World.  NFSW is rubbish.

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