Monday, September 24, 2012

nVidia Driver Writers

Over the years I've had occasion to make some harsh statements about the folks who write the Windows drivers at or for nVidia. I'd like to be able to tell you that's changed. That after all these years they cleaned up their act. That the stopped with the crack cocaine.

I'd like to. But I can't. As an enthusiast I check for driver updates on a regular basis. I was pleased to note that the latest revision - 306.23 - actually lists my card in its supported category. Of course when you try to install it, it says that compatible hardware can not be found.

As usual the solution is to download a file from the Internet. If you need them search for nVidia gtx260m 306.23. It's a matter of updating 2 files and running the install.

Crack cocaine I say.

I understand that my chip is now more than 2 full revs back. I understand that support work costs money and can't be maintained for ever. But if you could stop saying it will work when it won't.

Too much to ask? Maybe.

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