Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vanity Searches

I'm a fairly vain person.  I'm also prone to publicly admitting my faults in an attempt to illicit sympathy, but lets try to stay focused.

Have you ever done a vanity search?  That's when you put your name into Google and see what comes up.  When I do this under my full name, I come up fourth.  Actually my Facebook comes up fourth, which doesn't say much for my readership.

It never occurred to me to do the search for my gamer tag.  Until today.  Today I tried to open a twitter account (I know, behind the times) as MrPoody, assuming that would be a slam dunk, as usual.

It appears I have been beat to the mark.

Anyways I can be followed @MrPoodySpeaks.  Close enough.  Probably better actually.

As a side note, an alarming number of cat videos on youTube are associated with the name MrPoody.  Who knew.

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