Thursday, June 06, 2013

User Interface

Somewhere along the way that first word has started to be ignored.  I can think of two immediate examples, and with a little stretch I'm sure you can, too.

Villain 1. Microsoft - I've recently had occasion to transition from office Xp to 2010 and back again (too complex for this format - just accept that it happened).

Why isn't the place I go to get printer settings I'm the same place ?  Was there some fundamental law of society that said it had to move?  Some critical design flaw that was addressed by moving it?

So why did it move? Because an engineer in a basement at Redmond decided it should.

Villain 2.  Google - I recently helped my wife find an inexpensive android based smart phone. We went with the Xperia, not my first choice. I was a bit put off by the presentation of gmail on it, as I've become used to the look and feel on my Nexus.

Guess what?  The version on her phone was newer. Mine got updated and now sucks. This really looks like change for its own sake.

Actually it looks like Windows 8. Don't even get me started.

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