Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Welcome Back

That's more for me than you.  I promised myself I would start writing again while on vacation.  So, welcome back.

Why are modern role playing games so complex?  On asking, not telling.  I hold a firm believe that the essence of roleplaying is a framework of rules and a wealth of setting information. As I look at new rule sets, I see larger and larger tomes of rules, and a dearth of actual game setting information.

One example?  I can give you several, but the pen and paper version of the giant gorilla mmo springs to mind.  About 300 pages of rules, most of which were inconsistent with the online game, and almost no setting information.  Lets be generous and call it 5 pages.  That might be enough to begin describing the starting area.

While I work on my long standing RPG project, I'm trying to keep this in mind. I've been working this on and of for almost e decades now, so don't hold your breath for the RPG version of PGE/Fleet Admiral.

Also, does anyone have an idea how much it would cost to license SPECIAL from Bethesda?  That would be a major short cut to the content I want to work on.

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Scutr said...

Try calling them and asking.