Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Spring Cleaning

Boy, this house needs a cleaning. I'm not sure what happened but everything in the form or style sheet (or some mumbo-techno-jumbo) has been broken. My link lists are really out of date. I haven't bothered with Penny Arcade or Wil Wheaton for years.

Fixes and changes coming.

Seeing as I've run out of funding for games, I'm strongly considering going back to complaining about other peoples work. It's almost the least I could do.

I'm also on a quest to stop self censorship. I've turned into my harshest critic. I think it's time to turn around on that road.

I don't want to post a schedule (because I hate them - that the artiste in me trying to be in charge) but I'm committing myself to a new effort. While it appears I may not be the best at making games, I really enjoy talking about games. I recognize that much of what I say is probably poo. Hopefully I can at least make it entertaining.

Let's get back on that horse, shall we?

EDIT: I just noticed that I complained about the format being messed up in my last post from over a year ago. Slacker.

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